Many people turn to the internet to find information about a business. It is now more important than ever for a business to have a high quality website. There are 10 key elements to designing a high quality website. The Phoenix SEO Company can also help a business design a high quality site by boosting the visibility through Facebook Marketing .

High Quality Content
In addition to ranking a site by keywords search engines including Google are ranking sites by the quality of their content. The posts found on the site have to make sense and provide value to the reader. The content has to be relevant to the keywords. The more information the content provides the higher it will rank.

Content Length
No only is the quality of the content important but the length of the content also has an effect on ranking. Sites that receive a top ranking have at least 900 words or more of content on every page.

Sites that have images related to the content also ranker higher on the search results. A video will even enhance the ranking. These images are more engaging to people visiting the site and will hold their attention for a longer period of time. The average webpage should have at least seven images that are related to its content.

Check Spelling and Grammar
This may sound simple but spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are all too common on webpages.

Before posting the site run a spell check program and then read over the content. There are often words that spell checkers miss. Poor spelling and grammar can make the page look unprofessional. If a company does not care enough to check their page than why would they care about the service that they provide to their customers. Customers also do not tolerate poor spelling or grammar. Around 43 percent of customers will leave a webpage if they notice a mistake.

The webpage should be easy to read. The text should be easy to understand. Most publications are written on an 8th grade reading level. Shorter sentences are also easier for people to read. Do not add extra words to increase the length. This will reduce the readability. Make sure that the verb tenses agree as well as the adjective and adverbs that are use in the content.
These are some key elements for developing a high quality webpage. When designing a website for a business is it important to keep these key elements in mind.